Task Force

Though our city is full of talented musicians, there are very few professional musicians due to a lack of local infrastructure and opportunity.  For Hip-Hop musicians, access and equity are two additional roadblocks preventing economic growth as many venues ban Hip-Hop music.

Though our recent research has shown live Hip-Hop events to be no more (and in some cases less) prone to incidents than other genres, Hip-Hop events have been unfairly targeted and banned in local venues.

For years, UCAN has worked towards the goal of equal enforcement and equal consequences.  The recent introduction of the Task Force on Equity in Music and Entertainment is the result of years of hard work and advocacy.  Read more about the task fore below:


“Though Madison’s local music scene may be vibrant for some, a new task force will set out to determine if it’s equitable.

The ad hoc Task Force on Equity in Music and Entertainment will work together with Mayor Paul Soglin, the City Council, Alcohol License Review Committee, city staff, residents and other community members to improve Madison’s reputation as a hub for a diverse range of music.

The ALRC approved a measure establishing the task force Wednesday. The measure will be reviewed by several other committees and the City Council before the group starts its work.

Karin Wolf, Madison Arts program administrator, said addressing equal access to hear and play music is important to make Madison a better music city. Solutions the task force could come up with range from practical transportation issues to addressing stereotypes about specific music genres.

“It needed to be a broader community effort that involved police and possibly Metro Transit,” Wolf said. “This is bigger than the arts commission.”

Wolf said the issue of equity in music is particularly acute with hip-hop, which has been barred from many Madison music venues. But there are other under-represented music forms and cultures that are not receiving equitable resources in the city.”

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