Urban Community Arts Network (UCAN) is dedicated to supporting sustainability in the Madison Hip-Hop community and advocating for equity in the local arts and entertainment. Check out our pages to learn more about what we do!

Watch the video below to view the discussion and plan from our June 22 town hall meeting about the Greater Madison Music City project. This event is a continuation of the work related to the Task Force on Equity in Music and Entertainment. You can read our 2016 study debunking the myth that Hip-Hop causes more violence at bars in Madison WI by clicking here.

To support this effort financially, you can donate via PayPal or CashApp ($UCANMadison). We appreciate the support!

Our programming will continue as normal and we can always use your generosity and support:

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Covid-19 Song (Juciee Monroe x DJ Pain 1)

In response to the recent spike in COVID-19 cases, a startling trend that disproportionately affects people of color, rapper Juciee Monroe and producer DJ Pain 1 teamed up for a quick reminder to stop the spread. This video is a project of the Latino Children and Families Council in collaboration with the Latino Health Council.

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